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InnoMot Final Conference
InnoMot project ( has anounced their Final Conference, to be held at the European Parliament in Brussels on November 5th. The conference will address the topic ‘Services Innovation as a Driver to Improve Regional Economies’, with the participation of experts, regions involbed in the project, INTERREG Secretaiat and the DG Enterprise of the EC. You can find the Agenda in the web of the project (

ISIP final Conference
ISIP project ( has done their Final Conference in Brussels, October 23rd, to demonstrate the final results of the project. The conference presented the results of the project, including an on-line demonstration of the ISIP platform and materials.

SCORE final Conference
SCORE project ( has organized their Final Conference in Brussels, September 23rd,to demonstrate the final results of the project. The conference was attended by persons coming from Regional Offices in Brussels, who showed great interest in the possibilities to use SCORE platform and materials.

ISIP page on Facebook
ISIP project has open their page on Facebook (, where you can access the latest news from the project. An opportunity to participate in the pilot test is offered aldo to all the interested.

eWeb proposal submitted
TRN, as ccordinator, has presented eWeb proposal to the topic 13b (Web entrepreneurship) in the ICT call in Horizon 2020. Partnership is composed, besides TeleRegions Network, by PIN-SME (Pan European ICT & eBusiness Network for SMEs) and EBAN (European Business Angels Network).

ISIP meeting in Prague
Along two days, April 8&9, ISIP partners review ISIP platform, guidelines and materials to prepare the deployment of the pilot from June to September. More information at

SCORE meeting in Valencia
March 20th, in Valencia, SCORE partners meet to review and validate the SCORE platform, and plan the pilot that will be set-up in May-June this year. More information in

InnoMot meeting in Meath
InnoMot consortium meet in Meath (Ireland) to discuss the development of the project, and to prepare the final year: the regional implementation plans and the final conference. The guidelines for the Implementation plans were prepared by TRN and approved for all the partners. More information at

ISIP Intermediate Report approved

Leonardo programme has approved the Intermediate Report and developments for ISIP project. The ISIP platform will be operational in the next months, and the pilot will start before the summer. More information at


InnoMot third period Report approved

The Joint Technical Secretariat of the INTERREG IVC programme has approved the Report and the expenses corresponding to the period covering the second semester 0f 2014 for InnoMot project. InnoMot faces now their last year with the development of the Implementation plans in the Regions and the Final Conference in Brussels in November 2014. More information at


ISIP project meeting in Bari
October 15&16, partners of ISIP project meet in Bari to analyse the developments done in the first year of the project, and plan the second and final year, especially regarding the deployment of the pilot of the platform.

TRN in InnoMot Interregional Workshops and Study visits

TeleRegions has participated in different Interregional Workshops and Study visits of InnoMot project in 2013: Pamplona (Navarra) and Lille (Nord-Pas de Calais), in October, and Varmland (West Sweden), in November.  More information at


InnoMot Intermediate Conference in Valencia
The Conference was addressed to discuss the key issues in non-technological innovation, including social innovation and measurement of the impact. You can find more information, including presentations, in the project website:

SCORE project meeting in Nottingham
Early in September, the partners discussed about the implementation of the platform and training materials. In the meeting different case scenarios were presented for the pilot. More information in

TRN in the DG Connect Dialogue Day

DG Connect organized a Dialogue Day about possible Regional ICT Vouchers on May 23rd in Brussels. TRN participates in this event with the idea to disseminate the results among the Regions. You can download here the flyer


SCORE project meeting in Athens (Greece)
TRN was recently added to this running project to assure widest dissemination and application at European level, beyond the consortium. The meeting, on March 21st, was focused in the definition of the model to be implemented in the project.

ISIP project meeting in Valencia (Spain)
The second meeting of ISIP project has been organized by Children’s Fashion Europe in Valencia, on March 7 & 8. The analysis of SMEs needs were discussed and the plan to develop the platform was agreed among the partners.

InnoMot Steering Committee meeting in Lodz (Poland)
On February 26 & 27, Lodz Region hosts the meeting of the Steering and Coordination Committees of the project. The main result of the meeting was the validation of the ‘Good practices collection’, which will be available soon in the project web.

ICT-VN project Final Conference in Brussels
The Final Conference of the Project, organised by TeleRegions, was held at the European Parliament, in Brussels, on November 14th. There where interventions from the project and the participating Regions, as well as from other Regions, the INTERREG Secretariat and the European Commission, with the topic of ‘Opportunities for SMEs in 2014-2020’. You can download the Agenda here, and if you are interested in the presentations, please send a mail to

ISIP project kick-off meeting in Ibi (Spain)
ISIP project started with the kick-off meeting, hosted by AIJU in Ibi (Alicante/Spain) in November 8 and 9. A Workshop with the stakeholders was organised at the same time.

ICT-VN project Exchange Seminar in Mullingar (Ireland)
In September 25th the project organised the Final Exchange Seminar, where partners and stakeholders have presented the Transfer plans. These plans are oriented to adapt the original good practices selected to the Regions that will receive it.

After the Seminar, the Steering Committee of the project had their meeting to prepare the conclusion of the project and, especially, the Final Conference, which will be organised by TeleRegions Network in Brussels in November 14th.

The conference will group policy and decision makers, key stakeholders, European networks and media at regional and European level. In the next days ICT-VN project will announce the Agenda and the venue.

Both meetings have been hosted by the Irish partners: Border Regional Authority & West business and Innovation Center.

TRN in ISIP project
TRN is partner of the ISIP project, recently approved by the European Commission in the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci programme. The challenge of ISIP is to improve competitiveness in the SMEs of the children’s’ products sector by means of a platform that provides specific training modules on innovation strategy and a tool itself to define particular innovation strategic initiatives according to each SME. Kick-off meeting of ISIP will take place on November.

TRN 2012 Assembly
TRN annual Assembly was organised in Brussels, on Wednesday June 27th. The meeting, open to all the interested, was held in the Central Denmark EU Offices, at Avenue de Tervueren 35, from 15:30 to 17:00. TRN Secretary General, Mr. Francisco Loras, was confirmed in their position, and a new Board was appointed.

ICT-VN project Coordination meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia)
In April 18th the Coordination Committee meeting groups in Ljubljana representative from the 10 partners of the project to monitor it and to plan the final steps of the project, hosted by the Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska L.t.d., Nova Gorica (Slovenia). ICT Value Networks is an INTERREG 4C project, leaded by Fundacion Dedalo, with a total of 10 partners representing 8 European Regions, which will finish in December 31st first year.

The key task in the meeting was to discuss and approve the methodology for the transfer plans. The challenge of ICT-VN is to identify in each Region a good practice to be transferred to another participating Region. This selection was done, and study visits to analyse in depth the practices was developed in the previous period. Now, the main remaining task is to prepare the plans to adapt these good practices to the Regions that will receive it.

The meeting has approved the guidelines to set-up the Final Conference of the project, which will take place in Brussels, in mid November. The conference will group policy and decision makers, key stakeholders, European networks and media at regional and European level. TeleRegions will be responsible for the organization of the Conference.

A next Interchange Seminar, grouping partners, policy makers and stakeholders from the Regions will take place in September, in Ireland.

More information in

InnoMot Kick-off meeting
InnoMot kick-off meeting has been done in February 27 & 28. in Goteborg (Sweden), organized by West Sweden, the lead partner of the project.

During two days, the partners of the project has analysed the project plan, and established the general schedule of the project and their components.

Next meeting will take place in September in Varna (Bulgaria).

InnoMot project approved
InnoMot (Improving Regional Policies promoting and motivating non-technological Innovation in SMEs) has been approved in the 4th call of the INTERREG IVC programme.

InnoMot is leaded by West Sweden, with the participation of Central Denmark, Nord-Pas de Calais, Meath Council, Navarra, Emilia Romagna Valencia, Varna and Lodz.

The challenge of the project is to improve the development and adoption of new business models in SMEs by designing, implementing and

managing strategies, policies and tools, whose aims are to improve non-technological innovation, and especially regarding the factors related with the motivation of SMEs’ owners and managers.

Specific objectives will be:

- to define a new approach on SMEs motivation

- to develop and apply a methodology to identify, pack and transfer the better practices found

- to identify a set of good practices

- to define and design tools to motivate the promotion of innovation in SMEs, using the practices found

- to facilitate the creation of platforms involving the different stakeholders to learn more about the deployment of new practices

- to define Regional Implementation Plans

- to improve among the regions the development of materials to push ahead the deployment of new policies' approaches

- to disseminate the policies and results beyond the consortium.

The project started in January 2012, and it will run until December 2014.

ICT-VN project Networking Seminar
TRN organise a Seminar to present the ICT-VN project, running in the 2nd call of the Interreg IVC programme.

ICT-VN project is looking for the promotion of ICT usage by SMEs as an enabler of Value Networks, identifying good practices in regional policies and transferring them across the participating Regions, to improve competitiveness in the Companies, focusing in SMEs in agroofood, tourism and services sectors. 41 policies, with different contexts, objectives and actions, have been selected as good practices for empowering the SMEs in the three sectors. All the policies are related with the improvement of the use the ICT and the Networks as key tool for SMEs in the global markets.

The Seminar, to present the project and the possibilities of participation from the European Regions not included as partners, will take place next October 26th, from 15:00 to 17:00, in the West Sweden Offices, Rue de Luxembourg 3, in Brussels.
If you are interested, please contact Francisco Loras ( to register.

TRN in the ICT-VN meeting in Patras (Greece)

ICT-VN project is looking for the promotion of ICT usage by SMEs as an enabler of Value Networks, identifying good practices in regional policies and transferring them across the participating Regions, to improve competitiveness in the Companies, focusing in SMEs in agroofood, tourism and services sectors.
The partners of the project have met in Patras (Greece) to present the good practices found in their Regions so as to select the better ones to be analysed and transferred to their regions in further steps of the project.
During this first exchange seminar, 41 policies, with different contexts, objectives and actions, have been selected as good practices for empowering the SMEs in the three sectors.

For instance, there have been selected policies as the impulse and creation of a regional e-commerce portal, the development of a mobile platform to integrate and manage all the systems in an agrofood exploitation or the development of innovative technological solutions for touristic businesses as hotels or restaurants.
In the next meeting in Bologna (Italy), December 13 & 14th, the selected policies will be presented to the Regionals, including policy makers and stakeholders from each one, to be discussed. The objective will be that each Region can choose the most convenient police for them to be adopted and implemented, following the lessons learned during the project.

TRN in the presentation of the ICT-VN project
TRN will be present in the kick-off meeting of the project, which will be held by Fundación Dédalo, coordinator of the project in Tudela (Navarra – Spain). The meeting will take place on April 22nd & 23rd, with the assistance of all the 10 partners of the project.

INNOSME training proposal presented
A new INNOSME proposal has been presented to the call of the Leonardo da Vinci programme closed at the end of February. The objective is the development of the InnoSME Course, in a mix of on-line and off-line e-learning system, web available and personalised. The needs that must challenge InnoSME project are: acquisition of the competences in innovation management for the SMEs managers; adaptation of the curricula to the specific needs of SMEs; possibility to personalise the curricula to the individual needs of the trainees; and inclusion on the global recognition system as university training.

ICT-VN project approved
ICT-VN has been finally approved in the 2nd call of the Interreg IVc programme. The overall objective of the project is to increase the impact of regional strategies for the Information Society and ICT promotion and development in SMEs in order to transform business models, to promote networking and to improve regional economic competitiveness. The project has a total budget of 2.227.594,40 Euros; 1.750.145,24 Euros will be funded by the ERDF. More information will come soon…

TRN at ICT 5th call InfoDay
TRN will be present in the InfoDay organised by the ICT Challenge 1.2 – Internet of Software, Services and Virtualisation to be held in Brussels on June 9th.
TRN, using the InnoSME tools and services ( provide help to the ICT SMEs to take part in proposals for this call. Please, contact the InnoSME team at

Workshop CIP-ICT-PSP programme call
TRN has organised a Workshop to discuss the open call of the CIP-ICT-PSP programme. The Workshop, with the presence of EC Officers responsible for the different themes in the call, has been done on March 31st.
If you are interested, you cand ownlowad the presentations from Olavi Luotonen, Katarzyna Balucka and Marcel Watelet

Successful Final review for InnoSME project
TRN, as the only partner of the InnoSME project, has received a successful final Review of the project, which was done in Brussels, in February 19th. The Final Report from the reviewers states that the project has ended with all the objectives achieved on time. TRN will maintain the InnoSME services and tools for all the ICT SMEs in Europe. More information in the project Web:

TeleRegions Network General Assembly
TRN General Assembly will be held in Brussels, on February 18th, at 15:00 pm., in West Sweden Offices, Rue de Luxembourg 3.
The Agenda of the Assembly will include:
- the presentation of the presented proposals;
- the discussion on the proposals in preparation;
- the TRN plans for 2009; and
- the nomination of the TRN Board.
All the TRN members, as well as the representative of all the European Regions and SMEs Associations and Universities working in IS, ICT, Innovation and SMEs are welcomed. Please contact with our Secretary General (Francisco Loras, or our Communication Officer (Maxime Bouillard,

InnoMot & ClustManagement
TeleRegions will be in charge of the Dissemination Component in two proposals presented to the 2nd call of the INTERREG IVC programme.
The aim of InnoMot project is to build up expertise in the public administrations in order to improve the current practice regarding the design, the implementation and the monitoring of Innovation motivation policies as well as systems to do this in the partner regions. The challenge of the Project is to improve the development and adoption of new business models in SMEs by designing, implementing and managing strategies, policies and tools, whose aims are to improve non-technological innovation, and especially regarding the factors related with the motivation of the owners and managers of the SMEs. The partnership, besides TeleRegions Network, and with West Sweden as leader, includes other nine European Regions.
In ClustManagement, the challenge is to improve the competitiveness of the territories in which is located high concentrations of companies in the traditional industrial sectors, which have problems related with the effects of the globalisation of the markets and the whole economy. The strategic objective of the project is to improve the public policies, at Regional and Local level, to improve the conditions in which these sectors are working, the activities targeted to these territories, and the companies located in. The partners are: West Sweden, Municipality of Castelo Branco, Lodz Region, Institute for Small & Medium Sized Industrial Firms of the Valencian Government, Public Society for the Innovation Management Extremadura, Firenze Tecnologia-Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, and TeleRegions Network.

TeleRegions is the coordinator of a Proposal presented to the Research for the Benefit of SMEs programme
TeleRegions, through the InnoSME project, has promoted and coordinated the preparation and submission of one proposal to the last call of the Research for the Benefit of SMEs programme, which has close last January 27th
The purpose of this project is to identify, catalogue, analyse, benchmark and improve Research Support Programmes at regional and national level promoting the adoption of ICT research results by SMEs. The geographical scope of the project is composed by 15 countries: the 12 New Member States (NMS) and the 3 Candidate Countries (CC)
The Consortium is integrated by 17 partner, 9 of whom are InnoSME stakeholders: Varna Regional Innovation Agency (Bulgaria), Foundation for the Information Society (Bulgaria), Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association (Cyprus), Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (Latvia), Association Infobalt (Lithuania), Észak-Alföld Regional Development and Innovation Agency (Hungary), Lower Silesian Agency of Economic Cooperation (Poland), Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry (Romania), and Centre for eGovernance Development (Slovenia). Other partners are: Moravian University College Olomouc and Olomouc Region (Czech Republic), The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Turkey), Instituto de la Mediana y Pequeña Industria de Valencia and IEP (Spain), and West Sweden (Sweden)

TeleRegions will be in charge of the Managament of two Proposals submitted by InnoSME project to the Research for SMEs Association programme

InnoSME has prepared and submitted two proposals to the 2nd call of the Research for SMEs Association programme, which is closing tomorrow for the first stage.

The first proposal is Software Design and Development tool (SDDt), and has the objective to obtain an Agile Software Development Process Management tool integrated with the necessary tools to support the entire Design and Production Processes with the following features: Support for agile process management; Defect Tracking System; Configuration Management, Analysis and Design document management system; Quality control system; Continuous integration and Commercial product website. The Consortium is integrated by 6 SMEs Associations (INFOBALT from Lithuania, CITEA from Cyprus, IVSZ from Hungary, Aries from Romania, BASSCOM from Bulgaria, and IAT from Turkey), and 15 SMEs from these countries.

The second one is Monitoring Control Software for Remote Maintenance (MCRSM), and has the challenge to detect software failure symptoms as soon as possible, before they become a problem for the customer; identify negative trends in software performance; allow for preventive and predictive software maintenance; allow remote secure software maintenance tasks; and simplify as much as possible impact on software development process. The main project objectives are: Identify and develop mechanisms to integrate monitoring agents into software applications without appreciable loss of performance; Design a correlation system capable of identify software failures based on early symptoms; Provide a methodology and guidelines to integrate agents in the development cycle; and Develop a system to remotely access monitoring data and perform maintenance tasks with the appropriate levels of security. The Consortium is integrated by 4 SMEs Associations (ESTIC from Spain, DEKUT from Hungary, ICT Cluster from Bulgaria, and TBV from Turkey); PIN-SME, the European Association; and 9 SMEs from these countries

InnoSME Final Seminar
The InnoSME Final Seminar has been done in Brussels, December 16th. The Seminar has presented the results of the InnoSME project, as well as been a place for networking looking for new ideas. 21 attendants have discussed new projects, as well as the way to extend the InnoSME services to the SMEs in their Regions

TRN Networking Seminar
TRN has organised a Networking Seminar on September 23rd, in Brussels. We are looking forward to meeting you at the seminar, which we hope will provide an excellent opportunity to meet and share ideas for common projects in the programmes of the European Commission and to interchange information about the new opportunities in the upcoming calls (download the Agenda). If you are interested, please contact our Communication Officer, Mr Maxime Bouillard

First Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Joint Programme call for proposals is published
(Deadline: 21/08/2008) Objective of the Call is to launch European collaborative projects providing innovative ICT based solutions for elderly persons with identified risk factors and/or chronic conditions. The Call promotes the creation of new solutions with a holistic approach to prevention, management, support services and the social and socio-economic environment related to chronic conditions. The AAL Joint Programme calls for proposals with a clear European dimension, with high relevance and with maximal impact on progress in the fields described in the topic definition.
If you are interested in promote a proposal for this call, with the collaboration of TeleRegions Network, please contact Francisco Loras

TRN 2009 Annual Conference
TRN is starting the preparation of the 2009 Conference, to be done in September, focused in e-Government and interregional cooperation. The call for papers will be open soon. If you are interested, please contact our Communication Officer, Mr Maxime Bouillard

Innovation and SMEs
TRN is managing since October 2006 the InnoSME project (, with the objective to promote the participation of Innovative SMEs in the ICT Sector in FP7 and CIP through National and Regional Networking. The project has deployed some tools to help SMEs to be more innovative. For more information contact our Secretary General and InnoSME project Manager Mr Francisco Loras

Best Practise
TRN ask you to send us your best practices of promoting and linking Innovation, ICT and SMEs in your Region. To develop and share these experiences is our main objective in the short term. TRN has started the preparation of a proposal to be submitted in the ICT PSP call in CIP. For more information contact Mr Francisco Loras

EU Regions and Networking. TRN hands in Report to the European Commission – Directorate General Regional Policy and Directorate General for Information Society and Media: “EU REGIONS AND NETWORKING. Improving Interregional Cooperation and Best Practice Exchange in ICT”. You can download the Report here

Meeting with the European Commission
TRN will participate in a meeting promoted by the new Unit “New Infrastructure Paradigms and Experimental Facilities” in DG INFSO – with the aim to share information about the objectives of running projects, the achievements reached so far, and to derive synergies and potential issues for collaboration, including further development of research areas.

New Secretary General
Mr. Francisco Loras, InnoSME project Manager, has recently been appointed as TRN Secretary General. His main task will be extending the stakeholders support network created in InnoSME to all European Regions.

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